Neural Computer Implant

brain computer


This is a computer implanted in the recipient’s head and controlled through its own direct neural interface. It takes only a thought to call up a file or access a database. Data scrolls across the periphery of the user’s vision as part of an inbuilt HUD, and he hears the computer as a voice in his head.

The implant includes an optical-recognition feature using the user’s eyes and ears as sensors. It can speed-read documents, for example, and store them in its database. (It takes normal time to read them later, though one could ask the computer to provide a synopsis).

The interface can also run “virtual tutor” augmented reality programs that not only talk but show how to do things by overlaying instructions on the user’s visual field. Although several programs could theoretically be run at once, the user can only focus on one at a time.

Statistics: Accessory (Tiny computer)
Photographic Memory (Temporary Disadvantage, Electrical; Recorded data only)

Cost: £4100 + cost of medical procedure


Neural Computer Implant

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