Laser torch microswarm

Laser torch microswarm


Micro-bot swarm

LC: 4
Cost: 500
TL: 10


6 legged – Basic move 3 / water move 1
ST: 2
DX: 10
IQ: 3
HT: 10
HP: 10
Base lift: 0.8lbs
Will: 10
Per: 10
Basic speed: 5


Batterys – 12 hour life per bot/ 1 sq yard is equivielent to 1 C Cell

Tool – Mini laser torch

Excels at cutting and welding

Dmg: 1d(2) Tight beam burn
Rng: C
ST: 1


Byron Orelli bought this swarm as part of his hive implant to help facilitate the intricate internal repairs that come with the power plants, propulsion and other starship systems and improve the quality and time taken for each shipboard job

Laser torch microswarm

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