Sebastian Usoyev

Fugitive Hacker


ST: 8
DX: 12
HT: 9

Advantages, Disadvantages and Quirks

Mind Reading for more details read Mind Reading
Wireless Neural Interface Radio (Reduced Range, x1/10, -30%; Secure, +20%; Sensie, +80%)
Computer Implant Accessory (Tiny computer) 1; Photographic Memory (Temporary Disadvantage, Electrical, -20%; Recorded data only, -20%)
Modular Ability Chip Slot – Mind Reading (Temporary Disadvantage, Electrical, -20%)
Zeroed for more details read Basic Set p100
Reputation (-4) -4 on reaction rolls towards employees of Mobius Industries or inhabitants of Pheos
Flashbacks -5 on skill rolls for 1d minutes. Activates with score of less than 6 on stress roll (3d)
Killjoy -3 to Carousing, Connoisseur, Erotic Art, and Gambling rolls. Others react to you at -1 to -3 in any situation where your lack of appreciation becomes obvious.
On The Edge you take grossly unreasonable risks in the face of mortal danger. Make a self-control roll whenever you face a life-threatening situation.


Skill Level
Conspiracy Theory 12
Computer Operation/TL10 16
Computer Programming/TL10 15
Computer Hacking/TL10 14
Forgery 12
Disguise 13
Holdout 13
Psychology 12

Personal Attributes

Height: 5’10’’
Weight: 155 lbs
Age: 38

Homeworld: Pheos – Sector 2
Father: High Commissar Vladislav Usoyev – CEO of Mobius Industries
Mother: Paige Fournier – Lead Project Manager / Research Scientist (Teleneural Interfacing)

Childhood & Early years

Sebastian Usoyev

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