Lia Orelli

Underage half-human medic


ST 6
DX 12
IQ 14
HT 8

Advantages, Disadvantages and Quirks

Very beautiful appearance
Tail – weak (ST 3), no physical attack, extra flexible
Fashion sense
Disease resistant

Youth (15yrs old)
Shyness (mild)

Shallow (Wont have any intimate relations with anyone that has a lower level of appearance than herself and a charisma level of at least +2)
Afraid of rejection (due to mother having left when she was born, wont enter relations unless long term certainty)
Broad minded
Slightly shimmery skin (like the rainbow reflection of oil in water, -2 to reaction form people who don’t like aliens)


Skill Level
Diagnosis 14
First Aid 14
Surgery 13
Genetics 12
Physician 11
Herbalist 11
Beam Weapons (Laser pistols TL10) 14
Judo (Parry:6) 9

Lia is a shy teenager, but lively and fun loving when around company she feels comfortable in. She’s quick witted, being quick with a sarcastic comment or cutting remark, and loves banter due to growing up around gruff space crews. Ever since she can remember the only constant in her life ha been Byron and has much love and affection for him, as well as the bond shared between daughter and father. Her mixed species heritage gives her a keen interest in genetics and medicine, especially as she had gene therapy that solved the infertility issue of cross species offspring. She’s very shy about her tail and will keep it concealed when possible unless in the company of close acquaintances. Like all teenagers in puberty, she is prone to mood swings and often feels hard done by and misunderstood when her hormones flair up and can become spiteful and vengeful. She is just starting to notice boys however is incredibly shy as she has very little experience with boys her age and very rapidly sees older people such as the crew of the many vessels she’s been on as adopted uncles and aunties. Also her tail makes her feel that she needs to find someone who will stay with her no matter what before getting involved, however she is incredibly picky too as she is aware of her good looks. (So fuck you Johnny!) She has led quite a sheltered life under her fathers protection but also one with many experience of different people and races, places and environments and customs and creeds.

Lia Orelli

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