Byron Orelli

Master ships engineer


ST: 8
DX: 12
HT: 9

Advantages, Disadvantages and Quirks

Handsome appearance
Charisma (lvl 1)
Single minded
Strong will
Neural computer implant with implant radio
Neck based neural jack
Forearm hive implant

Dependant (Lia Orelli, Daughter)
Pacifism – Cannot harm innocents or civilians
Cannot swim

Dislikes working on computers or electronics


Skill Level
Engineer (Starship propulsion TL10) 16
Engineer (Starship powerplants TL10) 16
Engineer (Spacecraft TL10) 14
Engineer (Electrical TL10) 13
Mechanic (Spacecraft TL10) 15
Computer Operation (TL10) 14
Computer Programming (TL10) 12
Armoury (Spaceship weaponry TL10) 14
Armoury (Spaceship Armour TL10) 13
Armoury (Beam handguns TL10) 14
Teaching 13
Mathematics 12
Judo (Parry:8) 12
Beam Weapons (Laser pistols TL10) 13

Personal Attributes

Height: 6’1’’
Weight: 185 lbs
Age: 31


Byron was born and raised on Hellion 5 which is the central trading hub of the Dagyr system. Due to the large ring system and number of moons a large pirate presence constantly plagues the trading routes in and out. Due to this, the local government instituted a national service from the ages of 16 to 20 to protect merchants and route out centres of pirate activity. During Byron’s first shore leave from the ‘Merchant Combat Fleet’, Byron drunkenly slept with woman of a different species and a couple year older. This fateful night resulted in Lia, Byron’s daughter being born and subsequently taken into the MCF care scheme. At age 18, Byron was chosen to be part of a prize crew aboard a pirate corvette as lead engineer, and witnessed the horrors of space combat when entering the engine room where the previous crew were in various states of dismemberment around the room, evidently dying mid work. This caused Byron to re-evaluate his views on violence and combat and spent the remaining time in the MCF as an engineer aboard one of the many orbital space stations. Upon mustering out Byron was fully reunited with Lia and began a civilian job upgrading and maintaining engines and power-plants of the ships coming through the many facilities planet side. When Lia began expressing a desire to see the wider universe, Byron saw danger for Lia as her curiosity and age would ultimately lead her to the MCF and later, a merchants crew which was considered one of the most dangerous professions for someone of that system. Byron signed up with a far trader and left the system with Lia. When Byron judged the danger to him and his daughter had reduced to an acceptable level, he began signing on with higher value jobs such as laboratory ships and cruise liners to fund Lia’s ever increasing thirst for knowledge, until he could afford to pay for her to have long distance tuition.

Service History

Drafted, Age 16 years 2 months. Rank Trainee Crewman, Assigned to the Escort Destroyer MCV Dawn Of Moonlight for basic training, 8 months.

Promoted to rank Able Crewman. Reassigned to the Planetary Heavy Defence Frigate MCV Burning Star for advanced engineering specialisation, 4 months.

Promoted to rank Junior Engineer. Assigned to colonial era Dreadnought MCV Pride’s Pitfall, 9 months

Promoted to rank Senior Engineer, 3 months. Received a personal battle commendation for exceptional conduct during combat.

Promoted to temporary rank Senior Engineer – Team Leader. Assigned as prize crew to the commandeered pirate Corsair, Papillion.

Returned to MCV Pride’s Pitfall at rank Senior Engineer, 4 months.

Promoted to rank Senior Engineer – Team Leader. Assigned to Gunboat MCV JQ-9756 as Master Chief Engineer, 6 months

Earned personal battle commendation and ship battle commendation during the Battle of Hellion 2

Reassigned to the Rapid Intercept Cruiser MCV Halcyon Down, 4 months

Given commission to rank of 2nd Lieutenant of Engineering, 2 months

Promoted to 1st Lieutenant of Engineering

Assigned as to Heavy Escort Carrier MCV Hephaestus Hammer Master Chief Engineer, 8 months.

Mustered out with full honours upon completion of 4 years service.

Byron Orelli

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